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It's time to be courageous. Time to generate a positive vision of the future instead of merely managing the present. FOUR stands for uncompromising urbanity that sets new standards throughout Europe.
FOUR breaks with the monostructure. The four towers mix uses such as hotels, serviced apartments, apartments and offices. Together with the public city squares and new connections to the city, urban quality of life is created – not for a few, but for everyone. In the middle of the skyline, urban flair is growing: Feel the city!


with view from Goetheplatz.
  1. TOWER 1
    228 m
    Food hall
  2. TOWER 2
    173 m
    Hyatt House
  3. TOWER 3
    120 m
    Condominium apartments
    Kimpton Design Hotel
  4. TOWER 4
    100 m

The new birth of a neighborhood

FOUR solves a blockade of development in the city center that has existed for more than seven decades: Roßmarkt and Junghofstrasse, the city center and the banking district, are once again given a structural link.

The four skyscrapers are based on a multistory podium that forms the core of the new quarter. Here, the access routes to the city center and the surrounding districts run, for example, as inviting passages with retail outlets and gastronomic offers such as a food hall. City squares with a special atmosphere are created between the facades, and on the podium a spacious roof terrace becomes a remarkable experience.

This functionally mixed densification, which is open to different user groups, promotes accessibility and participation – a vital quarter is created. The long history of a district that was once one of Frankfurt's most vibrant districts is now continued.

space allocation

Four towers for living, working and working

The highest tower (T1) of the quartet touches the sky at a height of 228 meters. On its 55 floors, four office spaces will be created. At 173 meters, T2 will be one of the tallest residential skyscrapers in Germany. The second residential tower (T3) measures an impressive height as well of 120 meters. In addition to a hotel, serviced apartments and office space, approximately 600 apartments with loggias and direct visual contact with the weather and clouds will be built.

Retail,  gastronomy, day-care,  fitness, wellness, health
Serviced apartments Hyatt House (T2) Hotel Kimpton (T3)
Condominium apartments (T3)
Apartments (T2)
Offices (T1, T4)



The play of the bends in the towers is vertically and slightly diagonally underlined in all facades by building high frame elements. These "frames" accentuate a moving spatial interplay between the towers and the spaces between them. As an effect, this reproduction of the views creates the distinctive 360-degree facade panorama.


In addition to their spectacular visual effect, the vertical folds (kinks) also serve very practical purposes: they increase the distance to neighboring buildings, the towers appear elegant despite their dimensions, and the view from the interior virtually always offers a breathtaking panorama of sky and expanse.

  1. Frames

    Vertical frames make the towers readable from any angle.

  2. Kinks

    Vertically running folds in the tower skin create optical tension.


    Within the frames, so-called fields differentiate the facade surfaces. A game with different materials and facets that bring variety and tension to the outer skin of the towers.


    Diagonal bevels (kinks) on the facades increase the spacing between the towers.


    The kinks and the orientation of the main facades to the south, west and east also optimize the daylight supply in the lower floors.


The surfaces of the facing facades differ in material and structure. This means that dynamic sunlight can be directed into the neighborhood square. This daylight atmosphere has a positive effect on people's well-being and the quality of stay. The interplay of light and darker facade parts optically expands the space and permits visitors to walk effortlessly into the area.

WITH THE COURSE OF THE SUNSunlight create a pleasant daylight atmosphere at the feet of the towers.




are generated by the kinks as well as the grid geometry and the windmill principle in the floor plan. There are no front or rear views, the view from the towers has the best possible width and panoramic effect.


The architectural stylistic device provides unequalled views, more daylight and impressive 360-degree facades. In this way, new vistas are created again and again. The buildings are oriented toward each other like the wings of a windmill and are therefore never directly opposite each other. To the outside observer, the towers merge from a distance into one structure, while the views from the towers do not end on an opposite facade, but allow the best possible depth to the horizon.

360° PANORAMIC FACADEDepending on the viewing direction, the appearance of the FOUR changes.
VIEWS AND LOCATIONThe four towers and the podium form a new urban neighborhood.


The city’s boulevard
Zero hour
A fresh start for a forgottenneighborhood

1832A historical city view of Frankfurt.

17TH CENTURY.In the aptly named Roßmarkt, the horse market, not just horse markets but horse races and mock knight games took place.

1905A sunny day on the bustling Große Gallusstraße.

1911Medieval facades under the roof – the beer garden is just one of the many attractions in the Crystal Palace.

1944The ruin at Roßmarkt.

1946The beginning of Goethe Street.

1947The Gutenberg monument survived the bombing raids at the end of the Second World War relatively unscathed. In the background, the destroyed city center.

1969The second floor of the new building housed the board of management until the tower was built.

1971With the completion of Deutsche Bank's new tower, the appearance of the area as we know it today has been largely determined.

2001The inside of the Deutsche Bank Tower.

2001The newly established Deutsche Bank on the Roßmarkt.

2018Roßmarkt today.


2015 Purchase of land

Acquisition of the former Deutsche Bank property between Junghofstrasse and Große Gallusstrasse.

2017 Competition

Conclusion of urban and architectural competitions. Winner: UN Studio, Amsterdam.

2018 Deconstruction

Demolition of the former Deutsche Bank buildings. The historic facades along Junghofstrasse are preserved.

2019 Start of civil engineering work

Excavation of the excavation pit and construction of the underground floors and underground parking.

2021 Start of building construction

After the civil engineering work is complete, the shell construction of the high-rise buildings begins. FOUR is now growing upwards.

2023/24 Completion

Construction and finishing works have now been completed. With the exception of smaller sub-projects, FOUR is ready for occupation.


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Current pictures of the construction site and FOUR's construction progress.